Hello, world!

This website is designed to demonstrate basic knowledge in server architectures as well as, Operating Systems, networking, storage, and databases. The site is self-documenting such that the articles linked above apply to the setup and maintenance of this server. This box is an Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) VPS running on the Xen hypervisor, accessible via OpenSSH and via an out-of-band serial console.

This server is running an installation of Nextcloud, backed by a MariaDB relational database management system (RDBMS), and served by the Apache web server. These pages are static html generated using the HUGO static site generator on my laptop and then synced to the server using rsync.

This site prioritizes security and accessibility. It is viewable in any browser that supports TLS or that can be proxied over the Tor network, but it is not accessible over an unencrypted connection. It receives a perfect rating from Mozilla’s Observatory, as well as from Qualys SSL Labs. The domain vincible.space is also included in the HSTS preload list, meaning that the assets at this site are only accessible using TLS. Additionally, this server supports TLS v1.3 and Certificate Transparency and mandates the use of encryption protocols which support perfect forward secrecy.

This explanatory site is also accessible on the Tor network as a Tor Onion Service at:

The second (v3) address is more resistant to various potential cryptographic attacks.